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Another sticker….

Frequent travel on American Airlines over the past few years has given me a new perspective on air travel in general.   I could not help but notice how hard they have worked on their rather unique concept of customer service, often resulting in an exquisite travel experience.  A co-worker and I who frequently traveled together often recited a motto I think they should adopt.   I doubt they will give it any consideration, but I did decide to have some new stickers printed with it….   : )

Coffee Bar

I drink a lot of coffee, so I really appreciate having a good source for large quantities of this delectable drink. Today I thought I had found a new source… I filled up my cup, but it tasted like petroleum. Yuck!

Bleep & Blur

Anyone else bothered by the “blurring” of things on TV shows? Now it is pretty funny when Rob Dyrdeck blurs Turbo’s face on Fantasy Factory, but the blurring of product names and now even “bleeping” of them seems to be getting out of hand.

One of the worst examples of this is the new “Head Rush” show from the Discovery Channel. If you haven’t seen it, it is basically Kari Byron re-hashing Mythbusters episodes. Not bad overall, but the excessive blurring of things is starting to make me not want to watch.

Everything is blurred out that has any type of company logo or name. They even bleeped Kari in the “Singing Glass” episode. At first I thought Kari said a potty word, but after rewinding a couple of times it is obvious that she said the “V word”. Yeah, she said Viper, as in Dodge Viper.

I noticed in the “Bubble Power” episode they made a boo-boo though. They first showed Scottie Chapman with a blurred shirt…

Then they slipped and actually showed the shirt…! OH MY GOSH!!!!

I have read a lot of speculations on why they do this, and I am sure it has to do with sponsors not liking competing products shown, but gee whiz… It is distracting and annoying to me, and may actually steer me away from shows that do this.

Why is the cost of WiFi inversely proportional to hotel room cost…?

Why is it that that nearly all lower end hotels have free WiFi, and the nicer ones charge for it? Yeah, I get the marketing angle… if you can afford a nicer hotel, you probably won’t balk at additional fees for WiFi. I stayed at a Doubletree in Dayton last night which otherwise was just fine. Yes, I could afford to spend $10 for Internet, but why should I? I mean that works out to a very reasonable $300 per month right? We all pay that much for Internet at home don’t we? Cost aside, I don’t want to be putting CC info in on a potentially insecure connection like this. The sign-up page had a feedback button, but of course it didn’t work because it requires Internet access (how lame…).