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Due to some technical difficulties (ahem..!), the original is no more.   Parts of it will be put back for reference, but it will take a bit.   Check back soon.

Stop the cruelty!

A few weeks ago I noticed a nice aquarium of Sea Monkeys in a window sill at my place of employment. They were in a remote place in the building next to a window with a couple of chairs, usually used by people needing a private phone conversation. I thought it was nice to have such a display to enjoy. Sadly though to my horror, I was having a phone conversation myself there and saw that they had been catastrophically neglected! The water had completely evaporated, killing all of the abundant sea monkey life that was there such a short time ago.

Please help the cause by following these guidelines for sea monkey health:
– Don’t let water levels evaporate to dangerously low levels
– Please ensure that the sea monkeys have sufficient food to sustain life!

Only you can help save the sea monkeys…!


Bollard Arrival….!

If you know me, then you probably know about my affinity for bollards. Some may ask “Why Bollards?”, I ask…. “Why not???”.

If you are unfamiliar with bollards, or maybe don’t even know what a bollard is, I suggest you visit my other site

While working on a new project to promote bollard awareness I realized that I didn’t personally own _any_ bollards! This just had to be rectified, so I ordered my first bollard and it arrived at my abode today!

My wife informed me of the arrival this morning (which she was not expecting), to which I was elated. She didn’t immediately understand the importance of bollard deployments in our home which is completely understandable. I’m sure she will appreciate the significance of such a security device once she understands how they can be applied.

Here are a few examples….

Here is the new arrival in the packaging material. You can purchase your own for $33.70 at

One usage of my new bollard can be to keep people from getting too close to my Ghost Chili Plants…


It could also be used to keep small children away from things like hot ovens or fireplaces.


Placing it conspicuously viewable from the outside lets potential intruders know to move on to an easier target.  This house has bollard protection!  : )



I live in Oldham county Kentucky, and work in Jeffersonville, IN. One picture says it all…

New bridges have been in plan for 40 years. As a child I lived in a house that was in the path where I-265 hits 31W. They purchased our home to make way for the loop that would connect with two bridges around Louisville and southern Indiana. Still… no bridges… 🙁

Predictions for 2012!!!

Yes we are only half way through 2011, but I want to go on record early with a prediction for 2012! I predict that 202 will be the year that we fully adopt….

IPv6 !!!!

Why you ask? Because it makes sense, and we are out of IPv4 addresses (duh!).

What qualifies me to make such a bold claim??? Well, I recently completed the first level of Hurricane Electric’s IPv6 certification.

One more thing for 2012…. in a surprise move, we will also adopt the metric system!!! 😉