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New sticker…

Yes, as the airport announcements say “many bags look alike”, but even with several obvious things on mine to differentiate it, I have had someone else take it.

I decided to have some stickers made to help out…


Whoosh bottles

“Whoosh bottles” are pretty cool. Haven’t tried it myself, but it looks like a worthy experiment.

Some quick examples….

If you are not familiar with them, this video gives a pretty good explanation….

Here are some of the cooler ones I have seen…

A couple of good slow motion ones…

Steel Wool adds nice effects….

Somewhat of a fail, but still cool… A Whoosh Bottle Rocket Car

Of course this can be dangerous, and glass bottles should not be used….

Indoor rainfall

The roof has been leaking for quite some time at my place of employment. It was pretty funny when it only dripped on a co-workers seat, but now the leaks have invaded my workspace. Repairs have been attempted multiple times, but flat roofs can present a problem where the actual perforation in the roofing material is not over the place where it leaks.

After several indoor raining events, I acquired a rain gauge to track indoor rainfall.


I have been tracking the indoor accumulation, and the all time high is 21″ so far…


Radio Shack, R.I.P. :(

Made what might have been my very last trip to a Radio Shack recently. This might sound a bit silly, but you would be sad also if they had had as much influence on your life as mine over the years. You see, back when I was growing up, Radio Shack was the place for young geeks (before geek was sheek) to get the things they needed to explore electronics, computers, and many other things. I grew up spending all the money I could scrounge up purchasing “P-Box Kits”, various components, and just about anything else I could afford there.

My first computer was a Tandy Color Computer, which I purchased after winning a dump truck drag race (seriously I did). I even worked at a Radio Shack while attending college which was quite a bit of fun.

Sadly over the years, Radio Shack seems to have lost their purpose, falling into becoming just a lame store selling a few items that no one really wants. A store that used to have whatever the electronic enthusiast needed just down the street shrank to just one or two locations that had anything useful in my area. Most of the stores no longer carried the things I was interested in.

After hearing how bad RS was financially, and that several stores would be closing, I stopped by just to check it out. I went to one of the few stores that still sold electronic components in my area. Sadly, I didn’t find anything I really wanted other than a fairly good deal on batteries. On top of that, I learned that RS is selling their customer list as a part of their liquidation. Sad day indeed….. R.I.P. Radio Shack.


30 year old mailing lists…

Approximately 30 years ago I learned about “mailing lists” being sold for profit. Out of curiosity, I created a few fake company names just to track how they might proliferate. I hadn’t thought about this in a a very long time until recently I started receiving mail addressed to one of these companies I created so long ago. It is amazing that after thirty years, and eight address changes, mail addressed to one of the companies “Pelican Productions” started showing up in fairly large quantities at my current address. I almost feel bad for the companies that paid money for some mailing list from that long ago.