Another sticker….

Frequent travel on American Airlines over the past few years has given me a new perspective on air travel in general.   I could not help but notice how hard they have worked on their rather unique concept of customer service, often resulting in an exquisite travel experience.  A co-worker and I who frequently traveled together often recited a motto I think they should adopt.   I doubt they will give it any consideration, but I did decide to have some new stickers printed with it….   : )

New sticker…

Yes, as the airport announcements say “many bags look alike”, but even with several obvious things on mine to differentiate it, I have had someone else take it.

I decided to have some stickers made to help out…


Whoosh bottles

“Whoosh bottles” are pretty cool. Haven’t tried it myself, but it looks like a worthy experiment.

Some quick examples….

If you are not familiar with them, this video gives a pretty good explanation….

Here are some of the cooler ones I have seen…

A couple of good slow motion ones…

Steel Wool adds nice effects….

Somewhat of a fail, but still cool… A Whoosh Bottle Rocket Car

Of course this can be dangerous, and glass bottles should not be used….

Indoor rainfall

The roof has been leaking for quite some time at my place of employment. It was pretty funny when it only dripped on a co-workers seat, but now the leaks have invaded my workspace. Repairs have been attempted multiple times, but flat roofs can present a problem where the actual perforation in the roofing material is not over the place where it leaks.

After several indoor raining events, I acquired a rain gauge to track indoor rainfall.


I have been tracking the indoor accumulation, and the all time high is 21″ so far…


TV Remotes at Hotels

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Ever think about how unsanitary the TV remote control in hotels rooms might be?  Sure just about anything else in the room is probably infectious also, but TV remotes are an example I often think about.   I decided to start bringing my own remote control a while back and it has turned out to be pretty useful.   Not only do you feel like you may be avoiding the plague, but sometimes you can also get to TV controls that are disabled on the hotel provided remote. Another advantage is being able to change the channel or volume if the buttons are worn out on the remote in the room. The RCA R55NA (pictured above) is small, inexpensive, easy to program, and works well for me.

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows…

At work we now have pipe cleaners in all of the conference rooms. The idea is that while using your hands to fiddle around with something, you will pay better attention in meetings. Oddly enough it seems to work.

Don’t know why, but I was inspired today to create a pipe-cleaner version of a pink, fluffy, unicorn, dancing on a rainbow.